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Rapidly Deployable Video Surveillance™

Case Study: SWAT Training

SITUATION: A SWAT team was conducting semiannual training in Hostage Rescue Tactics at an abandoned manufacturing plant.

CHALLENGE: The limited size and amount of "office" space made it very difficult for trainers and evaluators to be "in" the space during the dynamic portion of the operation.



Ease of use is core to AgileMesh's product-design philosophy, and that's why all our products are incredibly easy for non-technical users to deploy and operate. Our design simplifies wireless video surveillance so much that there's virtually no chance for human error. With minimal training, non-technical operators can deploy and activate AgileMesh products in a matter of minutes.

For customers who want more extensive training, AgileMesh offers half-day and full-day training programs that can be customized for specific applications and integrated into "scenario" training programs. We also offer unlimited telephone support.


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