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Bill Dickerson, Founder/President

Bill Dickerson has over 30 years of company management and development experience in defense systems, telecommunications equipment, RF data networking, digital video, and real-time multiprocessor systems. He co-founded and served as President/CEO of Agile Systems, Inc., designing, manufacturing, marketing, and supporting data communications equipment for both commercial and government sectors. In addition, to serving as President of AgileMesh, which he co-founded, Mr. Dickerson has served as Vice President of Operations, Vice President of Engineering, and Director of Hardware Design in startups including CellStack Systems, Continual Computer Corp., and Xalted Networks. Bill holds a BSEE from Louisiana Tech University, an MSEE and an MS Biomedical Engineering from SMU.

Dennis Smith, Founder/COO

Dennis Smith has 30 years of hardware, mechanical and software development experience. His experience ranges from the integration of wireless mesh networks to defense electronics including digital video and telecommunications. He has served as Vice President of Operation and/or Engineering at Flexible Computer Corporation (co-founder), Celerity Systems, Xalted Networks, and AgileMesh (co-founder). Prior to AgileMesh, Mr. Smith served as the VP of Systems Development at NexGen City, a citywide wireless mesh provider. Dennis earned a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. Mr. Smith holds 7 design patents.

Mark Cromwell, Founder/Advisor

Mark Cromwell has over 30 years of hardware and software development experience in defense systems, real-time data acquisition and control, digital video and telecommunications equipment development. His experience has included executive management of software, hardware and systems design and development as well as hands-on contributions. He has served as Vice President of Engineering in both large and small technology companies, including DSC Communications, Celerity Systems and Xalted Networks. Startup experience includes Celerity Systems and Xalted Networks (which he helped to start), AgileMesh (co-founder) and Ambrado. He holds two patents and degrees in Physics and Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee and SMU.

Mark Satinsky, Founder/Advisor

Mark Satinsky has a 25 year career in a broad range of consulting, technology, and entrepreneurial endeavors. His primary area of expertise is the startup process - evolving ideas into viable businesses. Mark has successfully founded or co-founded five start-ups, including AgileMesh where he serves as a board member. He has acquired startup and venture capital, and has put operating teams in place. Two of the companies he founded were successfully sold – one to a Fortune 10 public company. Mark holds a BA from the State University of New York and an MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University.

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