Rapidly Deployable Video Surveillance™

Oil and Gas

During the drilling and installation of an oil and/or gas well there are valuable items at the scene. These are tools, vehicles, pipe, etc. that must be secured. The security of this equipment can be expensive. A need exists to be able to provide some level of security in a cost effective manner. Real-time video images of the site would go a long way toward providing this security. With remote access, expensive site visits can be controlled.

By installing the AgileMesh Solution and our patented wireless mesh video technology, AgileMesh camera nodes can be distributed around the well site, including the access to the site. These camera nodes are “meshed” together to produce a single signal containing an aggregate of the images from each of the cameras. This aggregate signal can be sent via “built-in” cellular routing capability over an internet connection to anywhere connected to the internet. This allows for remote monitoring of the video at the wellhead.

AgileMesh Oil and Gas Kit System components:

  • Camera mesh node(s)
    • Analog
    • IP
    • Cellular connectivity
    • Local record
  • Viewing application for cellphone or tablet

If the wellhead has cameras on site, these cameras can be connected to AgileMesh nodes for aggregation and cellular transport to remote monitor locations.

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